Euophrys sima Chamberlin, 1916
State of knowledge: Incomplete

groups of supergroups of genera: pending; supergroups of genera : EUOPHRYOIDA; groups of genera: EUOPHRYINES;

Distribution: America South; Peru.

Important publication(s)
Chamberlin R.V. 1916 Results of the Yale Peruvian Expedition of 1911. The Arachnida.. Bulletin of the Museum of comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Mass. 60 (6): 298, illustrations plate 25, fig. 1
Diagnostic illustrations used by permission of the © President and Fellows of Harvard College, Editor of the Bulletin of the Museum of comparative Zoology and the Author(s).

Latest Taxonomic scrutiny

Collections:(Source: Prószyński J. 1971 b /2003b Internet): HARVARD E. s. TYPE(S) .

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From Chamberlin R. V. 1916. 60 (6): 298 T. 25 F. 1.