Corythalia banksi Roewer, 1951
State of knowledge: Inquirenda

groups of supergroups of genera: pending; supergroups of genera : EUOPHRYOIDA; groups of genera: EUOPHRYINES;

Comments: Nom. nov for Prostheclina signata Banks 1901: 225

Distribution: Caribbean; Hispaniola; Puerto Rico.

Important publication(s)
Petrunkevitch A. 1930b The spiders of Porto Rico. Part three. Transactions of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, New Haven, 30: 160, illustrations 144-148

Latest Taxonomic scrutiny

Publications using actual name combination:
Roewer 1951: 451, illustrations (nom. nov.);

Synonyms and combinations (:)
Prostheclina signata Banks 1901: 225, illustrations pl. 15, f. 1, 4, 6 Misapplied Name.
Corythalia signata Petrunkevitch 1930b: 160, illustrations 144-148 Misapplied Name.

Collections:(Source: Prószyński J. 1971 b /2003b Internet): HARVARD C. signata . NEW YORK C. signata ; SMITHSONIAN Prostheclina s. TYPE(S) ; (Source: Edwards G.B. 2007 - personal:): GAINESVILLE Corythalia signata .