Noegus niger (Caporiacco, 1947)
State of knowledge: Incomplete

groups of supergroups of genera: pending; supergroups of genera : Amycoida; groups of genera: AMYCOIDA VARIA;

Distribution: America South; Guyana.

Important publication(s)
Caporiacco L., di 1948a Arachnida of British Guiana collected by Prof. Beccari. Proceedings of the zoological Society of London, London 700, illustrations 124

Ruiz G.R.S., Brescovit A.D., Lise A. A. 2007 On the taxonomy of some neotropical species of jumping spiders described by Caporiacco (Araneae, Salticidae).. Revista brasileira de Zoologia 24: 380, illustrations 10-12
Diagnostic illustrations used by permission of the © Editor of the Revista brasileira de Zoologia and the Author(s).
Diagnostic illustration used by permision Ruiz, G.R.S.
Diagnostic illustration used by permision Brescovit, A.D.

Latest Taxonomic scrutiny

Synonyms and combinations (:)
Pseudamphidraus niger: in Caporiacco 1947a: 30.
Caporiacco 1948a, 700, illustrations 24/

Collections:(Source: Prószyński J. 1971 b /2003b Internet): FIRENZE .

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Noegus niger - Ruiz et al 2007

Pseudamphidraus niger Caporiacco, 1948a: 700, f. 124.