Evarcha paralbaria Song D., Chai I., 1992
State of knowledge: Incomplete

groups of supergroups of genera: pending; supergroups of genera : HYLLOIDA; groups of genera: EVARCHINES;

Distribution: Asia; China: Fujian, Hubei, Hunan, Zhejiang.

Important publication(s)
Prószyński J. 2003b Salticidae (Aranae) of the World. Ver. 1995-2006 [yearly instalment for 2003, see current version 2012]. http://www.miiz.waw.pl/salticid/main.htm (CLICK HERE), illustrations (CLICK HERE)
Diagnostic illustration used by permision Prószyński, J.

Publications using actual name combination:
Song D., Chai I. 1992: 76, illustrations 3A-F; Song D., Li S. 1997: 432, illustrations 41A-F; Song D., Zhu M., Chen J. 1999: 510, illustrations 295C, I-J; Prószyński 2003b: (CLICK HERE), illustrations (CLICK HERE);

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From Peng, Xie, Xiao 1993: 71-73, ff. 203-210. By courtesy