Nigorella manica (Peckham, Peckham, 1903)
State of knowledge: Incomplete

groups of supergroups of genera: pending; supergroups of genera : HYLLOIDA; groups of genera: EVARCHINES;

Distribution: Africa; Zimbabwe.

Important publication(s)
Wesołowska W. 2009d A revision of the African spider genus Nigorella (Araneae: Salticidae).. Annales zoologici, Warszawa 59(4): 523-524, illustrations 26-29
Diagnostic illustrations used by permission of the © Editor of the Annales zoologici and the Author(s).
Diagnostic illustration used by permision Wesołowska, W.

Latest Taxonomic scrutiny

Publications using actual name combination:
Wesołowska, Tomasiewicz 2008: 35;

Synonyms and combinations (:)
Philaeus manicus Peckham Peckham 1903: 205, illustrations t 24, f 1.

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Nigorella manica: Wesołowska. Ann. zool. 2009: 59(4): 523-524, f 26-29. By courtesy